Bio Security

Zoological International Ltd take Bio Security very seriously, with easy contamination from one enclosure to another, viruses like Herpes can devastate a whole collection of tortoises. Herpes is the most common of viruses found in Horsfield tortoises entering the U.K. market via other E.U. countries, many with unconfirmed origins.We are the only U.K. distributor of 100% certified Ranched Horsfield’s which since the late 90’s when ranching was formed, we’ve had no known cases of Herpes.

We have a market leading Bio Security system in place, by way of regular cleaning using F10 disinfectants, which are effective against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. Utensils and enclosures are regularly cleaned with F10 and the whole quarantine is misted with F10 via a misting machine, this enables the F10 to reach all areas otherwise impossible to reach for cleaning. We also have individual foot wear and disinfectant foot baths in the entrance of each isolation room. Latex gloves are worn and disposed of after handling tortoises from room to room to minimise cross contamination.