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Law & Record Keeping

It is important to know that your stock is 100% legal and that you are not encouraging any illegal trade. All of our tortoises are captive bred here in our UK Breeding facilities or by government approved overseas breeders, micro chipped plus Art 10 Sales Certificates issued by APHA Animal and Plant Health Agency formally known as DEFRA.

All our tortoises which are Annex A of Cites are Micro Chipped and are accompanied by a Specimen Specific Certificate which can be passed on without having to change it into your name.

Commonly sold Annex A species

  • Hermann
  • Mediterranean Spur-thighs
  • Marginated

For Annex B species we issue a “Certificate of Legal Acquisition”, similar to a SSC Specimen Specific Certificate it will show are the correct details of it origins.

Commonly sold Annex B species

  • Horsfields
  • Red Foots
  • Leopards
  • Sulcata
  • Indian Stars

So regardless of which species you purchase from us you will get either one of these certificates to pass on to your customer.

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