Tortoise Facilities

Zoological International Ltd has designed and built for the holding and raising of our tortoises, the first self regulated high spec Bio Security quarantine facility in the U.K. There are currently no government regulations or requirements to quarantine tortoises, however the tortoise market has seen a massive growth over the past decade. With this in mind Zoological International Limited recognised the need to a more professional approach to breeding and husbandry of their tortoises.

After investing heavily, they now boast state of the art facilities, housing up to 8,000 hatchlings at any one time. With 9 dedicated self contained isolation rooms and 80 enclosures per room, they have a total of 720 enclosures in full current operation. Each room has its own inlet/outlet thermostatically controlled ventilation system to minimise cross contaminants via air movement. Overhead thermostatically controlled heat lamps in each enclosure control the temperature for both day and night settings and create optimum natural conditions for each species.

Lighting is setup and controlled by timers to give the correct day/night photo period and to provide the correct levels of U.V.A and U.V.B. To create a semi wet area of bedding, essential for hatchlings to be able to bury into and absorb moisture, micro water sprinkling systems were installed at one end of every enclosure.